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The hidden job market is the number one way to find job opportunities.


Position yourself for success in your job search with a strong networking letter.


The best positions are often not filled through advertisements and job postings. Instead, they are filled through the hidden job market. The hidden job market is another name for networking. In other words, the old adage, it is not what you know but who you know is very true when it comes to job searching.  Therefore, a powerful tool to employ in your job search is a networking letter.  


Your networking letter can help you gain a foothold in this important market by reaching out to your professional contacts in your field. A networking letter will showcase your value proposition and professional background as a way for your contacts to help you gain an entry point into sought after companies and positions.


With a networking letter professionally developed by Choose Your Worth Resume and Career Services, you will:


  • Increase job opportunities and your chances for job search success by utilizing your network
  • Effectively network to gain important decision-makers’ attention
  • Successfully position yourself as an ideal candidate, resulting in winning more interviews for positions with less competition - due to their unadvertised status

Mid-Level Networking Letter

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