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Get to know me, Tracey Orosz, the owner of Choose Your Worth Resume and Career Services

I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) who has been developing resumes and working with clients to help them succeed in their job searches for the past 12 years. 

My work assisting clients around the world in diverse industries (everything from retail, the trades, teaching, and healthcare to business executives, lawyers, and IT professionals) has helped me to develop award winning strategies to ensure my clients' resumes deliver outstanding results. 

Additionally, my current and active memberships in two industry leading organizations (PARWCC and CPC) ensure I stay current on all the latest trends and information concerning modern resume development and job searching. 

After graduating university with a bachelor's degree in English writing, this rewarding career found me and I have become so passionate about helping my clients find their dream jobs and choose their professional worth. 

I have helped thousands of clients, just like you, to successfully land interviews and new jobs. I remain utterly committed to my clients - your success is my success! 

I am excited to help you on your career journey, and I invite you to browse the services and packages I offer, follow me on social media for helpful advice, and get to know me better through my weekly newsletter and blog posts!

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