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After having your initial resume and cover letter completed by us at Choose Your Worth, you may decide you'd like to use your documents to apply to positions in a different job target. 


This service allows you to easily and seamlessly alter your newly professionally created resume and cover letter to use for a different job target.


For instance, say you had your first resume and cover letter created to use to apply for Sales Manager positions. Now, you also want to be able to apply to Marketing Manager positions. By ordering the 2nd objective resume and cover letter service, your professionally created resume and cover letter will be altered to specifically target this 2nd job target.  


This service ensures that your documents are always properly targeted toward the jobs you are applying, while also ensuring that they are keyword optimized for the different industries or types of positions you are applying to.


As many professionals have more than one area of job interest, this service is a favourite of our customers.

Mid-Level 2nd Objective Resume and Cover Letter (Existing Customers)

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